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Re: Moving site to PHP-Nuke

>>>>> "Sandip" == Sandip Bhattacharya <sandipb@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Sandip> [snip]
    Sandip> That's the best part. You can start contributing by adding
    Sandip> the Web link list, adding articles for newbies for common
    Sandip> problems, moderating discussions by scoring comments,
    Sandip> adding to the FAQ.

    Sandip> Before we enable the FAQ section probably we need to
    Sandip> categorise it a bit. How should the FAQ be categorised? We
    Sandip> need the name of categories and subcategories. The same
    Sandip> applies to the Web links sections, where currently the
    Sandip> categorisation that I have added is very shallow.

Let's just post the questions and answers and decide the categories as
and when we come across a question which doesn't fit into an existing

    Sandip> And ofcourse, Raj is the best person to tell how to
    Sandip> proceed for the Slashdot style "scoring" or "moderation"
    Sandip> of web discussions.

Sorry, I've been to slashdot maybe 10 times in my whole life.  Forget
the moderation, and let each user choose how to score.

    Sandip> PHPNuke is extensible. You can add addons to it. I think
    Sandip> there is some site like nukeaddons.org/com or
    Sandip> something. We can probably see if there is something
    Sandip> useful from there for us.

Makes sense, as long as we get the site ready for prime-time with the
existing features first.  Once we've the main Linux-Delhi page to this
version we can start implementing new features, so let's evaluate them
and keep them in readiness.

    Sandip> I have a question regarding the logo for the site. What is
    Sandip> the source of this logo and the copyright on it? We would
    Sandip> probably be needing an original logo for the site, or
    Sandip> atleast one w/o copyright restrictions. Many of us would
    Sandip> have friends who are artists or something. How about
    Sandip> asking folks everywhere to think up an original logo for
    Sandip> ILUGD? The winner gets to see his logo be used by
    Sandip> ILUGD. ;) We can probably pay him/her with a lot of
    Sandip> gratitude/shabashi. ;)

Have a logo contest, with users polling for the one they like more?
Voting was never so easy ;-)


-- Raju
Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/