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Re: Moving site to PHP-Nuke

On Tue, Aug 28, 2001 at 10:48:35PM +0530, Vipul Mathur merrily said:
> Hey hope you are recovering quickly. Take care of yourself buddy and get well
> soon :-)

Thanks. I just got my stitches removed today and have almost started
walking normally again! ;)

> enthusiast myself. My own site http://www.vipulmathur.org/ and two
> others I am working on are fully PHP-based. I'd *love* to be a
> volunteer for PHP-Nuking our beloved linux-delhi.org and contribute
> in any way I can. 

That's the best part. You can start contributing by adding the Web
link list, adding articles for newbies for common problems, moderating
discussions by scoring comments, adding to the FAQ. 

Before we enable the FAQ section probably we need to categorise it a
bit. How should the FAQ be categorised? We need the name of categories
and subcategories. The same applies to the Web links sections, where
currently the categorisation that I have added is very shallow.

And ofcourse, Raj is the best person to tell how to proceed for the
Slashdot style "scoring" or "moderation" of web discussions.

PHPNuke is extensible. You can add addons to it. I think there is some
site like nukeaddons.org/com or something. We can probably see if
there is something useful from there for us. 

I have a question regarding the logo for the site. What is the source
of this logo and the copyright on it? We would probably be needing an
original logo for the site, or atleast one w/o copyright
restrictions. Many of us would have friends who are artists or
something. How about asking folks everywhere to think up an original
logo for ILUGD? The winner gets to see his logo be used by ILUGD. ;)
We can probably pay him/her with a lot of gratitude/shabashi. ;)

- Sandip

Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com