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Re: Linux security features

What's all the excitement with Dynamic DNS ? There has been a  DDNS project,
and patches to BIND to implement this functionality for ages. IIRC, they
were supposed to be merged with mainstream BIND in 9.0, but I guess that
never happened : or did it ? I'm not sure : can some one ckeck it out ?
Anyway - there are tons of other implementations of DDNS : search freshmeat.


Funny how people wake up to marketing hype. 


> enable your dhcp server to perform a dns update, then you will find a new
> host in your dns list, with the hostname of your dhcp client and the
> dynamically assigned ip address...
> The magical thing is that the dns server is updated on the fly, and the
> change is immediate! So now if u access the machine by its hostname, the dns
> server will always resolve to the correct dynamically assigned ip address.
> When the dhcp lease expires, the dns entry is also removed. This thing is
> one of the coolest features on win2k, and i switched my lan's dns server
> from bind to linux for this feature alone! With bind on linux (at least last
> time i checked) this is not possible.
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