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Re: Linux security features

Hi Ambar,

>>>>> "Ambar" == Ambar Roy <ambarroy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> 3) I find *nix more secure because 3) Through scripting on can
    >> do lot of stuff for making sys admins
    >> tasks
    >> easier to handle. which is kind of non existent in NT world.

    Ambar> pls get your facts straight. On win2k (nt 5.0!!!!) almost
    Ambar> everything can be scripted using windows
    Ambar> scripting... Though most of the non m$ software for win2k
    Ambar> (and u need some of them to get a fully functional win2k
    Ambar> server) that i hav come across don't hav such a good
    Ambar> support for windows scripting.

You mentioned the difference yourself in your mail.
Scripting in UNIX has been there since its inception and a lot of code
base is available, not quite so in win2k. (and who wanna be a 100%
MS-code-only-user anyway?)

Heck, this is how I set a one-hour alarm for myself in Linux:

bash$ sleep 3600; play alarm.wav

This works in all GNU/Linux systems since years.

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