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Re: Linux security features

Forgive me for my ignorance !!!
as I havent had enterprise experience in either NT or UNIX enviorment

But what u said made me take a notice

And With an intelligent Sys Admin Win NT box may be as secure as any
  other unix box
As i said I dont have had any experience
but this is very much opposite to my perceprtion
of the two family of OS reffered here

Could you elaborate on your views >>

Then why the NT is consistently singled out for being such a poor system
No one says that it doesnt have good features in it

But then ???? hasnt the final word been said @ www.unix-vs-nt.org


Nitin Batra

--JUST another unix newbie!!!!!

On Sat, May 05, 2001 at 01:51:56AM +0530, A.Bajaj wrote:

   Some time back, I had made a project in UNIX, C++ (front end)
Sybase(back end). I gave the viva for it yesterday. The professor
asked me many questions, one of them was why is the security of
Unix/Linux better than Windows NT.
   I mentioned the hierarchical directory structure in Unix. I
was also going to mention Roles, Permissions etc, but that was
all there in Win NT.

That got me thinking is there not much of a difference
security wise in Unix/Linux Vs Win NT.
1. Well Win NT is actully a posix complient system with a micro kernel
  So its actulla as unix like as any.

2. And With an intelligent Sys Admin Win NT box may be as secure as any
other unix box ( just got to be on lists and keep track of bugs and fix's) And with a B.Sys.Admin.F.H an unix box is as insecure as any other machine
  on the planet.

  One of the advantage of running an open source Unix System is
  that bug fix's are much fast and support is easy to find.
---end quoted text---

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