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Re: Linux security features

> You mentioned the difference yourself in your mail.
> Scripting in UNIX has been there since its inception and a lot of code
> base is available, not quite so in win2k. (and who wanna be a 100%
> MS-code-only-user anyway?)
> Heck, this is how I set a one-hour alarm for myself in Linux:
> bash$ sleep 3600; play alarm.wav
> This works in all GNU/Linux systems since years.
no wonder i still use linux. For some things nothing can beat linux (or for
that matter most unixes)! But this doesn't mean that win2k is crap. For some
things win2k is really cool. Take for instance the ddns system. Ever since i
implemented the win2k server for dhcp and dns for both linux and win2k
clients, i have been wondering why this feature is not available on Linux!!!

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