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Re: Your opinion please - no flame wars !

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 12:43:49AM +0530, Lokesh Setia wrote:
>I have some opinions (not onions:) about this:
>First of all, I have been using RPM based systems since about 4 years,
>and really, rpm has never given me any trouble.  Many source tarballs
>now include a .spec file, from which you can make a custom RPM of your
>own very easily and use normal rpm commands to add/erase that
>software.  Very nifty indeed.
Oke doke,Agreed rpm is (not) All that Bad.
and Agreed That Red Hat is not All That evil. ;)
compared to M$.
>apt-get in debian is indeed cool.  But for most home (and even office)
>users in India, it is pretty useless because of the limited bandwidth.
>Most people would rather manage their downloads themselves on their
>modems rather than giving it to apt-get (which I think will download
>the dependencies serially, i.e. one-by-one, correct me if I'm wrong).
>Atleast with Redhat, I have only rarely have problems finding the
>correct package at rpmfind.net.
Come on man .
Either you are not well informed 
or you have't tried the powers of apt.

Lets Say you are running a business webserver.
And sme one finds a vunerablity
will u try to 
find the patch or upgrade frm rpmfind.net 
and then spend pricious time paching and if something goes wrong 
when updating unofficial rpms or some dependency problem.

or rather do

$apt-get update
$apt-get upgrade 
and drink coffe ;)

>Debian Potato is very stable, but is horribly out-of-date.  Woody is
>getting pretty nice, but CDs are hard to get.  Stormix is
>out-of-business.  Progeny I've heard is cool, but can't comment as I
>have'nt used it.
Ya but for a home box you can use unstable woody and upgrade ever week

>Mandrake includes some of the bleeding edge software (8.0 comes with
>Gnome-1.4 and KDE 2.2.1), but is really unstable as I've heard.
Its there for debian too Just need to find it.

Because when I started my previous mail The first line
was debain is not for newbees but a debina based dist.

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