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Re: Your opinion please - no flame wars !

On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 01:30:40PM -0700, Dina-natha Das wrote:
>If you ask me, I would definitely choose RH 7.1.
>That's what I am running on my laptop. It recognized all 512MB of RAM that I
Its Not cuz of Red Hat  its the kernel.

>have, I am running it at 1600x1200 pixels in 32bit resolution. My video and
>sound card, NIC, firewire, USB, and everything else except win (damn,
>Microsoft!!) modem works just fine.
Again, Its Not cuz of Red Hat its X4 plus Kernel
All dist have this stuff.

>Installs easy and runs smooth.
>For a laptop I would definitely use RH. Although while ago when I had tiny
>Thinkpad 240 without built in CD drive Mandrake 7.0 was the only one that
>properly initialized my PCMCIA IDE DVD adapter so I could install Mandrake
>from external CD/DVD drive. After that I managed to install RH from hard
>drive, but RH install program wouldn't recognize my PCMCIA IDE DVD adapter.
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