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Re: Your opinion please - no flame wars !

I have some opinions (not onions:) about this:

First of all, I have been using RPM based systems since about 4 years,
and really, rpm has never given me any trouble.  Many source tarballs
now include a .spec file, from which you can make a custom RPM of your
own very easily and use normal rpm commands to add/erase that
software.  Very nifty indeed.

apt-get in debian is indeed cool.  But for most home (and even office)
users in India, it is pretty useless because of the limited bandwidth.
Most people would rather manage their downloads themselves on their
modems rather than giving it to apt-get (which I think will download
the dependencies serially, i.e. one-by-one, correct me if I'm wrong).
Atleast with Redhat, I have only rarely have problems finding the
correct package at rpmfind.net.

Debian Potato is very stable, but is horribly out-of-date.  Woody is
getting pretty nice, but CDs are hard to get.  Stormix is
out-of-business.  Progeny I've heard is cool, but can't comment as I
have'nt used it.

Mandrake includes some of the bleeding edge software (8.0 comes with
Gnome-1.4 and KDE 2.2.1), but is really unstable as I've heard.

Redhat as you might have noticed, tries to minimise new software in
its dot.1 and dot.2 releases.  Redhat 7.0 had a lot of new software
(XFree 4, new gcc, new kernel compatibility) and was a little shaky,
but expect Redhat 7.1 to be ROCK solid in every sense.

Just my 2 paise.


>>>>> "Pankaj" == Pankaj Kaushal <apenguinhead@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Pankaj> On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 04:53:10AM -0500, Sanjeev Gupta
    Pankaj> wrote:
    >> On Mon, 7 May 2001, Sudhir Gandotra wrote:
    >>> In your opinion, which distribution of Linux would be easiest
    >>> for a newbie to switch-over to Linux ?
    >>  I am a Debian "enthusiast", so I have an opinion on this: Not
    >> Debian.
    >> It is possible that Progeny might be better, but I have not
    >> tried it.  I love Debian, but I do not think it would be a
    >> "newbie's" distribution.  I would love to be wrong.
    Pankaj> Oke doke Debian is not a newbee dist But progeny is
    Pankaj> definately anyday better the mandrake red hat or any rpm
    Pankaj> based thing for that matters deb based corel dist. or
    Pankaj> stormix

    Pankaj> Reasons

    Pankaj> *GUI install as easy as red hat.  *Fully debian compatible
    Pankaj> so all the advance fun apt-get and stuff is there fr the
    Pankaj> taking also can any day upgrade urself to a debian box or
    Pankaj> upgrade a debian box to progeny. ;)
    Pankaj> I think V. krish was using Stormix and he was very happy
    Pankaj> with it But I haven't tried Stormix . it may also be a
    Pankaj> contender.  Corel gets a big thumbs down . OK its very
    Pankaj> easy to install and fun but its vrey "closed" Actully
    Pankaj> Corel came with its dist because they needed a dist for
    Pankaj> corel phopaint and stuff so they came up with one of their
    Pankaj> own.

    Pankaj> In my opinion in the long run you will be happier with a
    Pankaj> debian based distribution.

    Pankaj> And I tried debian 2.0 when I was a "6 months old linux
    Pankaj> user" can i call myself a newbee I installed debian in 2-3
    Pankaj> days and I am still on debian.

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