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Re: Your opinion please - no flame wars !

> >That's what I am running on my laptop. It recognized all 512MB of RAM
that I
> Its Not cuz of Red Hat  its the kernel.

Yes, but we are talking about the distributions here, not only about the
kernel. I said I recommend RH 7.1 which automatically implies 2.4.x kernel.
You could give arguments like that for other distros too, why only RH? In
any case all my RAM was recognized by kernel 2.2.x, so it's not only the

> >have, I am running it at 1600x1200 pixels in 32bit resolution. My video
> >sound card, NIC, firewire, USB, and everything else except win (damn,
> >Microsoft!!) modem works just fine.

> Again, Its Not cuz of Red Hat its X4 plus Kernel
> All dist have this stuff.

Then should I say that I like kernel 2.4.x packaged and distributed by RH?
Does that satisfies you?
It seems like that discussion should be about which kernel is the best and
secondary question is about the distribution.