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Re: Your opinion please - no flame wars !

Hmm I wonder how many people on this list has actually used the RedHat
Update. I have been using it for about a week or so and I say it is a
pretty good alternative for apt-get. Unlike what the rumor mills said
up2date is not a paid service - you just need to create a userid
password. What that will do is accumulate all the hardware and software
information for all the PC's you would like to club together. So I have
like 10 workstations clubbed into one. It gives me a one place to look
up what all needs to be upgraded and where... All the information I
upload to RedHat is optional. I could very well just create a account
without sending any hardware information. Also whenever a critical
software update is out a email is sent to me as a reminder - I think the
email was also a optional field.

Up2date has a pretty good graphical interface to select what packages to
install and the package description. It also lists the latest advicories
which are applicable to my particular workstation. As for the apt-get
enthusiasts I would like to hear how difficult it is to click on the
up2date icon and then clicking on update all button ???

As for people who imagine RedHat users go ahead and install whatever
software they feel like I would like to ask a simple question is there
anything preventing a user from going ahead and installing a .deb file
from anywhere on the net ?? Also I do hope the official patches and
updates are available on ftp://updates.redhat.com and the mirror sites
listed in http://www.redhat.com/mirrors.html Those who like bleeding
edge stuff they need to compiles from tar balls irrespective of whether
they are a Debian user or a RedHat. What I think is happening here is
that people blindly like to bash RedHat just because too many novice
users are on it and they are not able to defend themselves from the
Debian folks.