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Re: Many Problems (Over Confidence!)

--- Neil <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> have u tried increasing the screen resolution to
> 800x600/1200x768??? it
> mite work. also, are u getting 16bpp color or are u
> stuck in 8bit color
> cos if ur not getting 16bpp or higher, then most
> probably the Xserver
> isnt configured properly.
> Neil

Dear Neil

The xserver is configured properly. But the problem is
It is only working fine with 1200x780 (but all the
things are too small to see. It hurt the eyes.) and
not with 800x600. When I use Alt+ctr+num(-) the screen
becomes so big that it is out of reach.

Any help?

Thanx and regards

Chandresh Pant
URL : www.chandresh.org
email: chpant@yahoo, mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, chpant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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