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Re: Many Problems (Over Confidence!)

> The xserver is configured properly. But the problem is
> It is only working fine with 1200x780 (but all the
> things are too small to see. It hurt the eyes.) and
> not with 800x600. When I use Alt+ctr+num(-) the screen
> becomes so big that it is out of reach.

well... try changing ur monitor configuration. ie if u are using one of
those generic device drivers try selecting one that supports
800x600@60Hz. that wud be safe for any monitor in the market today. then
edit ur /etx/X11/XF86Config file and look for the section"screen" that
matches ur Xserver.
then just edit the modes line out there and change it to 800x600.
then startx. if it still doesnt work .. post the exact error.

if u already have a monitor driver that supports 800x600 at whatever freq
but it still isnt working, then try looking for the line "VertRefresh x-y"
and change x or/and y to any freq range that is defined in any of the
Modeline(s)(u will find these lines in the same file).