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Re: Many Problems (Over Confidence!)

--- Neil <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> well... try changing ur monitor configuration. ie if
> u are using one of
> those generic device drivers try selecting one that
> supports
> 800x600@60Hz. that wud be safe for any monitor in
> the market today. then
> edit ur /etx/X11/XF86Config file and look for the
> section"screen" that
> matches ur Xserver.
> then just edit the modes line out there and change
> it to 800x600.
> then startx. if it still doesnt work .. post the
> exact error.
> if u already have a monitor driver that supports
> 800x600 at whatever freq
> but it still isnt working, then try looking for the
> line "VertRefresh x-y"
> and change x or/and y to any freq range that is
> defined in any of the
> Modeline(s)(u will find these lines in the same
> file).
> Neil

Dear Neil and everyone

Thanx a lot for the help. But of no use because, my
friend donot need Linux anymore. Maybe, I'll have to
convince again.(It is disappointing, 'cause I missed a
chance to learn new things.)

Any way thanx a lot


Chandresh Pant
URL : www.chandresh.org
email: chpant@yahoo, mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, chpant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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