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Re: Many Problems (Over Confidence!)


I remember I faced the same problem few months back, I
was using Intel 810 With RedHat 6.2 that time.
Go to this page....


I think this will help u a lot. You have to download
drivers specific for your card. and this page provides
complete manuals also for trouble shooting the
problems you are facing...:-)

Wish that works :-)

--- Chandresh Pant <chpant@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The xserver is configured properly. But the problem
> is
> It is only working fine with 1200x780 (but all the
> things are too small to see. It hurt the eyes.) and
> not with 800x600. When I use Alt+ctr+num(-) the
> screen
> becomes so big that it is out of reach.
> Any help?
> Thanx and regards
> =====
> Chandresh Pant

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