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memory blues

Hello listers, i'm facing a peculiar problem.
i've been running my linux installation for over 3 months now.
but since yesterday, the system hangs, rather "FREEZES" while running linux.
this does not happen in windows.

i have kde2 installed. where is the fault ?

i have also tried switching the SIMM modules. i have 96 megs with breakups
of 32 and 64. i've tried to run the system using one at atime. in both the
instances the system hange (freezes). by freeze i mean that not even the
numlock would respond.

this is not healthy as i have to force reboot and then the system complains
of unclean unmounting.

please help me, my work is stalled.

Thanks in Anticipation

r /\ |-| |_| |_
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Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
Then you win -- MG

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