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Re: Many Problems (Over Confidence!)

> The xserver is configured properly. But the problem is
> It is only working fine with 1200x780 (but all the
> things are too small to see. It hurt the eyes.) and
> not with 800x600. When I use Alt+ctr+num(-) the screen
> becomes so big that it is out of reach.
Here are two things, the first being that under the default red hat/mandrake
X install, the size of the desktop is the max resolution that u hav set! So
if u set it to 1024x768, then the desktop will say the same size when u
reduce the resolution. U will hav to pan by moving the mouse to the extremes
to show the rest of the desktop. Another problem might be that yr screen
display is going out of the monitor! This can be corrected using either the
size/position controls on the monitor, or using a program called xvidtune!

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