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Re: Many Problems (Over Confidence!)

js> (i am still a novice my self)
well, arnt we all???? we only cease to be novices the day we cease to
back to the problem at hand...

> > This sunday, I went to my friend, I praised Linux a
> > lot and convinced him to Install Linux on his system.
> > And When I installed Linux, I was in all sort of
> > troubles.
thats a very common thing. it almost allways happens with me. bloody hell
, u just cant count on making a good impression while installing
linux. itll allways give u that kick in the pants.

> > xwindow the screen was too samll, it doesn't covers
> > all of his systems 15" space.
i dont know about the 6326 specifically. i think there were some problems
with the card in the past(dont correct me if im wrong. i dont care) but
have u tried increasing the screen resolution to 800x600/1200x768??? it
mite work. also, are u getting 16bpp color or are u stuck in 8bit color
cos if ur not getting 16bpp or higher, then most probably the Xserver
isnt configured properly.