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Re: linux for kids

Dear Ajit,

The following may sound funny but I can stop wrting!

I beleive most people find Windows easier as they start
with it and the unfortunate part of the whole thing is a
whole generation is growing up seeing Windows before them.
Microsoft is targetting the schools like anything. Infact
in Deepalaya, my organisation Microsoft has donated all
softwares free of cost for our training purpose. I also
beleive that if a child grows up seeing Linux before him it
will be as easy as Windows for him. And in this case we do
not need any specific project for the KIDS. The day to
day/normal functions can be done very easily. I am bit
emotional about Linux though I no very little and learning

I have started a personal Project. My six months old child
has already started sitting (on my lap) before my Linux
Destop and I am sure by the age of 3 years he will be able
to do all day do day functions like email, browsing,
managing files, looking at images etc.

Sorry, if this is Off Topic.

Ritwik Patra

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, you wrote:
> hi all
> i need to know how to get 5 to 7 year olds started on linux. (raju, pls
> don't point me to your whizkid!)
> i am aware of debian jr. project, but i was wondering if anyone on the
> list could give concrete advice, share experiences etc. games are fine,
> esp if they are educative. i find science/maths type quiz games very
> useful.
> i am actually looking for linux based edu material in hindi. i know,
> that's like asking for pie in the sky - but maybe someone can give me
> leads?
> also i would also like to know if there is something like the equivalent
> of logo programming for linux.
> any help very welcome.
> ps: this is a project to get linux based learning tools started in a
> school run by an ngo for street kids. ths ngo is doing some amazing stuff,
> and i have suggsted that they try introducing computers as a learning
> tool.
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