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linux for kids

hi all

i need to know how to get 5 to 7 year olds started on linux. (raju, pls
don't point me to your whizkid!)

i am aware of debian jr. project, but i was wondering if anyone on the
list could give concrete advice, share experiences etc. games are fine,
esp if they are educative. i find science/maths type quiz games very

i am actually looking for linux based edu material in hindi. i know,
that's like asking for pie in the sky - but maybe someone can give me

also i would also like to know if there is something like the equivalent
of logo programming for linux.

any help very welcome.

ps: this is a project to get linux based learning tools started in a
school run by an ngo for street kids. ths ngo is doing some amazing stuff,
and i have suggsted that they try introducing computers as a learning