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Re: fonts in web

Hey, take it easy, Neil.  Of course anyone's entitled to ask for help
on the mailing list: that's one of its reasons for existence.  I doubt
if the list would even be alive if people didn't ask for help.

If you personally don't know the answer to a question, do what I do:
refrain from answering.  But do try to avoid discouraging people from


-- Raju

>>>>> "Neil" == Neil  <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> Thanx for the phpAdmin help. It works good. It shows me all the
    >> databases, But it shows me no table whereas there are. I wud
    >> look deeper into it and then post a request. Any guesses what
    >> went wrong wud be helpful.
    >> Coming to the main topic. I wish to make a web-site using hindi
    >> fonts. Now how do I go about it. Please answer the following -
    >> Where do I get the hindi fonts? Somebody was working on hindi
    >> gnome.  Where are the fonts stored to be viewed in linux - for
    >> netscape. Like we have fonts dir in windoze.

    Neil> ur almost getting annoying! its like u want everything on a
    Neil> platter.  u kill the entire unix experience. ur bypassing
    Neil> the very thing that makes linux different from windows. "do
    Neil> it urself" in the future... try to refrain from posting
    Neil> problems unless ur helpless and just dont know where to go
    Neil> from where u are. u shoud have spent time on the
    Neil> problem... lots of time. thats the only way ur gonna learn
    Neil> to *nix.

    Neil> Neil PS: dont be offended. if u are.` cat anger>>/dev/null`
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