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Re: fonts in web

> Thanx for the phpAdmin help. It works good. It shows me all the databases,
> But it shows me no table whereas there are. I wud look deeper into it and
> then post a request. Any guesses what went wrong wud be helpful.
> Coming to the main topic. I wish to make a web-site using hindi fonts. Now
> how do I go about it. Please answer the following - 
> Where do I get the hindi fonts? Somebody was working on hindi gnome.
> Where are the fonts stored to be viewed in linux - for netscape. Like we
> have fonts dir in windoze.

ur almost getting annoying! its like u want everything on a platter.
u kill the entire unix experience. ur bypassing the very thing that makes
linux different from windows. "do it urself"
in the future... try to refrain from posting problems unless ur helpless
and just dont know where to go from where u are. u shoud have spent time
on the problem... lots of time. thats the only way ur gonna learn to *nix.

PS: dont be offended. if u are.` cat anger>>/dev/null`