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Re: Enough is Enough i'm really pissed off [FLAME]

Kids, kids, kids.

I step out of town for a couple of days, and you start bickering.

Seriously, I think we can take Raj up on his offer. Only problem is finding someone who is willing to put in the massive amount of unpaid (there we go again), unthanked time and effort he has over the last two years. I know I can't. So I keep my mouth shut and be a good guest.

And re: vested interests, all interests must be vested. Imagine an "unvested" interest. Would it float around, homeless?

All in all, Pankaj, assuming this list is a GPL'ed work, I do have the right to profit from it, no? And should we shoot all those who don't believe in peace?

-- Ghane

At 09:00 AM 9/6/2000 +0530, Raju Mathur wrote:

Finally, if there's any issue about my vested interests (I make money
from Linux and also run the mailing list and help to organise the user
group), I'll be glad to step aside in favour of another elected person
as soon as we have our first General Body Meet (or earlier, if enough
members demand it).  My first objective is that the User Group should
grow and prosper, and any conflict of interest in the Group should be
put to rest as soon as possible.