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Re: Enough is Enough i'm really pissed off [FLAME]

>>>>> "Supreet" == Supreet Sethi <supreet@xxxxxxx> writes:

    Supreet> I agree with raju to a large extend

    Supreet> On Wed, Sep 06, 2000 at 09:00:39AM +0530, Raju Mathur
    Supreet> wrote:
    >>  [important context snipped]

    >> Finally, if there's any issue about my vested interests (I make
    >> money from Linux and also run the mailing list and help to
    >> organise the user group), I'll be glad to step aside in favour
    >> of another elected person as soon as we have our first General
    >> Body Meet (or earlier, if enough members demand it).  My first
    >> objective is that the User Group should grow and prosper, and
    >> any conflict of interest in the Group should be put to rest as
    >> soon as possible.

Uh, you /do/ want me to step down?  Damn, I never thought someone
would actually take me up on that one!


-- Raju