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followup to ghane's post

recently there was a study which documented and
analysed the traffic pattern on services such as
napster. the idea was to find out who benefits and who
contributes and to what extent.

turns out that a tiny fraction (say 4 percent)
provides 90 percent of the free downloads. i.e. more
people free ride on the system than "contribute". 

now this was just an empirical study of a few services
along the lines of napster. so i am not generalising
too much.

but moral for us - (and this is the followup to
ghane's post) is that most of us are benefiting much
more than we contribute from linux-delhi. so least we
can do is be nice, grumble less, and figure out how to
contribute more. no need to complain about too much
noise, too much commercial, and so on.

i think the mailing list is working fine given that
there are so many more "listeners" and "benefiters"
than "contributors". let's not upset it yet, with
accusations, counter accusations, ego hassles etc etc.

(a major listener)

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