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Re: Enough is Enough i'm really pissed off [FLAME]

Hi Pankaj,

>>>>> "Pankaj" == Pankaj Kaushal <apenguinhead@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Pankaj> [snip]
    Pankaj> NO it is'nt for me when i contacted raj it seemed to be a
    Pankaj> fun group of people

    Pankaj> who like Gnu OS and want to learn more of it and want to
    Pankaj> teach others and want to develope more stuff for it. for
    Pankaj> me it is still that.

    Pankaj> if you want to earn money (it seems that is the only goal
    Pankaj> of many of the guy's in this list) you might consider
    Pankaj> moving to some other platform but Gnu O.S

Yes, Linux (and Linux-Delhi) are supposed to be fun.  But IMO
Linux-Delhi also serves the function of a common meeting ground for
all types of people interested in Linux, whether the hacker (you), the
educator or the commercial user.  I know that we'll keep treading on
each others' toes from time to time, since we have different
interests, but I'd request a little more consideration for the
requirements of people who're not coming into the Linux bandwagon with
exactly the same motives.

The size of Linux in Delhi at the moment doesn't justify the use of a
seperate mailing list for commercial purposes.  However, please do not
imply that it is wrong to make money out of GPL'd products.  The GPL
specifically permits you to make money from GNU programs, whether by
selling, consulting, enhancing or supporting.  After all, you have a
job in Sarai doing Linux work, don't you?  I'm sure you get paid for
working on Linux ;-)

Finally, if there's any issue about my vested interests (I make money
from Linux and also run the mailing list and help to organise the user
group), I'll be glad to step aside in favour of another elected person
as soon as we have our first General Body Meet (or earlier, if enough
members demand it).  My first objective is that the User Group should
grow and prosper, and any conflict of interest in the Group should be
put to rest as soon as possible.


-- Raju