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Re: Cable modem

> The one thing that really annoyed me was that they have configured our
> MAC address in their router and if you change your card then you have to
> inform them by fax or email and takes a couple of hours for them to reset
> the address so you can re register.
this is real intresting. i guess what they do is that they limit the
bandwidth on the routers rather than on the cable medium. Here at my office
we hav a 128k spectranet conn over a dsl link. the link is speed limited by
the dsl data layer itself! this gets me transfer rates of max 13.5kb/sec! As
far as service goes, it is real great. I get good ping times, and the
service has had only 1 outage in 1 month. I have been connected to servers
for days at times, and the bandwidth is also very consistent!

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