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Re: Cable modem

Hi all ,
I saw many messages about this so i thought i will add my two bits , having used so called 'broadband' access for two months or so.

In my office we have a DSL line from Dishnet , 64kbps and also has a transfer limit . Modem payment is 30k and they give a tiny USB modem . The modem does not work with win2k and after a long period of troubleshooting they installed the modem that they usually install for more expensive accounts . It has a RJ45 connector and that connects to a lan card on the computer . You cant connect this to a hub/switch as it needs to assign a static IP , a router will do fine though. Performance is ok , 5-6 Kbps downloads on an average.

Also in the office we have a Spectranet Cable connection , this is 128k . The modem costs 15.5k and the monthly cost is 7k , its absurd why they have a 64k connection at Rs.1.5 k and 128k at Rs. 7k per month . Anyway they have given a 3com DOCSIS compliant cable modem , you can get one from anywhere , i looked and since they cost around $300 in usa , its better to buy it here coz it comes with a warranty. Plus they cant blame the modem for performance. Hmmm speed is good , 14-15Kbps on average . IP is dynamic.

I might add both these are connected to one machine , actually there are 3 internet connections (2 mentioned above and a third coming up) going into that machine (4 lan cards one for local lan) so its pretty much a router . Sadly due to my knowledge on linux , its win2k . Also on the this machine is a mail server , with a dynamic dns mapping its pretty awesome . As long as i have this machine online with any ISP it keeps getting email . If all die , then the email is stored at the dynamic DNS center .

Now for exciting part , at home also i have a cable connection from Incable . They are new and still concentrating on expanding their network , so they arent focused on customer acquisition . So why is it exciting ? Get this , NO SPEED LIMIT , NO TRANSFER LIMIT , and what speeds do i get ? from 70-80kbps YES , in the day to 170-200 kbps (thats kilobytes) . Who needs a T1 anymore , i was checking with them and in the course of about 30days of functioning i have leeched more than 9GBs (dont ask me what :) . Also i do a lot of online gaming , pings are vital and i get awesome pings to the game server . I know this will not last very long but its fun. Aah yes it costs rs.1.5k per month and the modem is that same 3com costing 15.5k . This is so good , that i have asked them to immediately install it in my office , i wanna use as much as i can of this line before they throttle it . The sad part is , since they are expanding their network , they are doing a lot of testing and the connection goes down sometimes , but they dont charge for downtime.

Well in case anyone wants more info about anything mentioned above please send me an email directly .

- Ankur.