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Re: Cable modem

> You talking kilo bits or kilo bytes ?

Bytes would be nice but unfortunately I was talking about bits.

> You would need lots of phone lines and modems and friends to pull this
> off :-)

Just an idea :)

> What good would it do if your laptop had a built-in cable modem,
> especially if you travel a lot?

Who knows, maybe in the future all cable subscribers will automatically have
internet access so wherever you go you can get connected, something like a
phone, you just have to have a modem and you can get connected from anywhere

> What you want for your laptop is this
> http://www.ricochet.com/
> http://www.wwc.com/

Hmm, that's cool, I am sure that the service will be available in Delhi in a
month or so then I'll get one :)))