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Re: Cable modem

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Dina-natha Das wrote:

> You don't need much experience. If you are getting 64kbps connection I don't
> know if it is worth it, it's kind of misuse of technology or rather waste of
> technology. On the west I haven't seen cable modem below 265kbps, they are
> great.

You talking kilo bits or kilo bytes ?

> If you'd like to become your own ISP and if you have modem attached to
> the same computer which is connected to cable you can provide dial in
> Internet access to your friends and make some money on side like that
> and pay your cable Internet connection monthly bills :))

You would need lots of phone lines and modems and friends to pull this
off :-)

> It is external. Maybe one day someone will start making internal ones for
> laptops :)

What good would it do if your laptop had a built-in cable modem,
especially if you travel a lot?

What you want for your laptop is this


bye :)