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Re: Cable modem

Yes Ive seen the Spectranet connection. Few thoughts though.

The cable connection is a shared medium. Hence guaranteed 64K of 128K
access is perhaps difficult to ensure. I spoke to the spectranet guys.
They said that they have worked out the figure statistically. I believe
that Spectra has a 8MB to VSNL. (if recently increased , I wouldnt
know). Given this figure Spectra should limit their subscribers to a max
of 240 subscribers (assuming all to be 64K), and add more bandwidth as
more subscribers joinup. I am not clear as to how Spectra is honouring
their Service Level Agreement.

BTW Spectra has been bought by Bharathi. So there.

All in all the cable modem is not a bad deal at all. Works out cheaper
if one uses a telephone dialup for more than 1H 30 Min a day.

How has your experience been with Spectra ? So maybe I will give them a
try as they are available in my neighbourhood.