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Re: Cable modem

Hi ,
Well firstly spectra has not yet been bought , Bharti has offered to buy but as i learnt from someone who is known to the Punj family , they have not accepted .

Shared access yes , and i have seen the transfer fluctuate during different times of the day . Though i firmly beleive in the commitment of Spectra to provide this service and i have seen them perform whenever there was a problem . I have been told that sometime this summer their gateway will be functional and then i think things should be better .

All in all , having tried Spectra , Dishnet and Incable , i would recommend Spectra as the most stable and serious of the lot.

The one thing that really annoyed me was that they have configured our NICs MAC address in their router and if you change your card then you have to inform them by fax or email and takes a couple of hours for them to reset the address so you can re register.

- Ankur.

At 05:39 PM 3/4/2001, you wrote:
Yes Ive seen the Spectranet connection. Few thoughts though.

The cable connection is a shared medium. Hence guaranteed 64K of 128K
access is perhaps difficult to ensure. I spoke to the spectranet guys.
They said that they have worked out the figure statistically. I believe
that Spectra has a 8MB to VSNL. (if recently increased , I wouldnt
know). Given this figure Spectra should limit their subscribers to a max
of 240 subscribers (assuming all to be 64K), and add more bandwidth as
more subscribers joinup. I am not clear as to how Spectra is honouring
their Service Level Agreement.

BTW Spectra has been bought by Bharathi. So there.

All in all the cable modem is not a bad deal at all. Works out cheaper
if one uses a telephone dialup for more than 1H 30 Min a day.

How has your experience been with Spectra ? So maybe I will give them a
try as they are available in my neighbourhood.


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