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Re: Cable modem

Hi ,
Well Incable uses a private IP dhcp server and they use NAT from there . You will have no problems for services originating from your side . Napster etc work great , no problem . The only thing you cant do is host stuff on your machine , because you wont have an IP to give people to connect to.

Spectra gives a proper IP address thats dynamic and Dishnet gives a static IP .

- Ankur.

At 12:18 AM 3/5/2001, you wrote:
Hi !

One thing I got to know. In the latest issue of PCQuest, they have
reviewed a cable net service(i think mantra or something). The one
thing that hit me a lot from the review, was the fact that if a couple
of folks living closeby take a connection, these cable folks put up a
router instead of a direct connection, and provide access via
NAT addressing, somewhat like a local LAN among these houses. Damn!
With a hardware router in place, there goes all your hopes
of Napster, Quake and other server-initiated non-standard TCP/UDP
protocols , and no way of adding "modules" to let you do so. This
sounds terribly like my office!

Is such a thing actually happening??


Sandip Bhattacharya
sandipb @ bigfoot.com

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