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Re: The next step


>>>>> "VaibhaV" == VaibhaV Sharma <vaibhav_sharma@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    VaibhaV> Is it a choice of ILUGB that the event is happening in
    VaibhaV> Bangalore? The point is that we ought to look for
    VaibhaV> opportunities like this and not crib on others just
    VaibhaV> because we wont be able to attend the event. Even I
    VaibhaV> missed the Bang!  Linux event bec. of similar
    VaibhaV> problems. Obv. not everyone is lucky enough to attend
    VaibhaV> events like this but would blaming bangalore or ilug
    VaibhaV> bangalore do any help?

	You missed my point, completely.  I did not crib about the
fact that ILUGB gets to have the lions share during IT.com.  All I
said was that it is completely natural to for them to host it because
they represent us!

	I quote myself here.

"...cannot make it.  So it is national event but it most certainly
will be a BLUG show.  Nothing wrong about that either."

    VaibhaV> Aren't we going off topic on this list?? Shouldn't we
    VaibhaV> shift this thread to LIG??

	I dont think so.  The original point was about IT.com and
fixing a date for us to finalize the plans.  I just had to have my
say.  I was merely arguing that IT.com does in a sense become a
Bangalore specific issue.  That certainly is not bad.  And I have
nothing against it.  OTOH if ILUGB did nothing for IT.com I would be
surprised and rather upset.  I hope you get what I was saying. I quote 
myself again.

"IT.com doesnt bring together people who are reresentative of the
various LUG's.  People who can come there meet.  That is all.
Bangalore is ILUGB area.  Period.  Chennai is ILUGC area. Period.  I
digress, but the point is really, IT.com doesnt _really_ matter to LI.
I dont think it makes sense to hurry decisions for it.  OTOH deadlines
are good."

	So basically my point is - let the decision process be
independant of IT.com.  If it does finish before IT.com, fine.