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Re: The next step



> Yes, it is a national event.  But it is certainly advantageous
> to the B'lore LUG.  I cannot afford to come to IT.com (you know how
> Grad students are paid in India) and know a whole lot of people who
> cannot make it.  So it is national event but it most certainly will be
> a BLUG show.  Nothing wrong about that either.

Take it this way..... what if the big event was happening in Delhi (Pragati
Maidan :-) ) with the same enthusiasm and response and importance and not in
Bangalore. Would we then say that it was a ILUG-Delhi specific event??

Is it a choice of ILUGB that the event is happening in Bangalore? The point
is that we ought to look for opportunities like this and not crib on others
just because we wont be able to attend the event. Even I missed the Bang!
Linux event bec. of similar problems. Obv. not everyone is lucky enough to
attend events like this but would blaming bangalore or ilug bangalore do any

> <nitpicking>
> Almost all of these folks are IT workers or are rich enough to
> afford it, right?  This is certainly not a complete representation of
> LI.
> </nitpicking>

Aren't we going off topic on this list?? Shouldn't we shift this thread to

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> Please respect the privacy of this list.

And may we respect the aim of this list too?


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