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Re: The next step

--- Raghavendra Bhat <ragu@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What has IT.com to do anything about this discussion of
> GNU/Linux in India ?  Anyway, we are not going to keep
> IT.com in mind when we discuss things Linux.........
> no deadlines like this one !!

You are right. IT.com is a Bangalore-specific issue. I am not demanding a
deadline. I am merely suggesting that, as with any other task with a
specific objective, we ought have a calendar by which we can judge the
progress. My gut-feeling is that an open-ended discussion will remain just
that - a discussion.

> We should only accept reasonable deadlines if not none.
> GNU/Linux has evolved with no deadlines kept in sight.

Well, it is merely a suggestion. If you feel that some kind of target is not
reasonable, by all means, let us not have them.


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