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Re: The next step

Biju Chacko proclaimed:
> --- Sudhakar Chandra <thaths@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Here is what I forsee in the coming weeks:
> I think we should have specific dates by which each of these milestones need
> to be reached. I think this is necessary to keep things from degenerating to
> endless discussion. 

One of the reasons I did not mention specific dates was the fact that I
will be away from computers all of next week.  I did not know how much
poking from my end this list needed.

I think we should keep it kind of hazy for the momemnt.  I will act as the
secretary of this list, taking down notes etc.  As we proceed, things
should become clearer.

> Why don't you just put up the archives on a weekly basis. Or
> alternatively keep them completely open as with the other LI lists. Just
> limit posting to the current members.

The onyl reason I might not be able to post weekly digests to LIG is that I
don't have the time.

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