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Re: The next step

These are very good guidelines. I have a couple of minor comments:

--- Sudhakar Chandra <thaths@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here is what I forsee in the coming weeks:

I think we should have specific dates by which each of these milestones need
to be reached. I think this is necessary to keep things from degenerating to
endless discussion. We in Bangalore feel the pressure of IT.com approaching.
We need this to be settled well in advance of that.

> I am planning on opening up the archives of these
> discussions here to the public at that point.

I feel that the archives should be kept as open as possible. There are a
couple of reasons:

1. I agree that limited list members are necessary to keep things
civilized. However I see no reason to keep the discussions private. Doing so
smacks of horse-trading, politiking and other unsavoury things that happen
behind closed doors. :-)

2. Being painfully conscious of my inexperience in this sort of thing, I'd
be happy to get input from as many members of my LUG as possible. This would
be easier if they were fully aware of the discussions on the list.

Why don't you just put up the archives on a weekly basis. Or
alternatively keep them completely open as with the other LI lists. Just
limit posting to the current members.

Of course these are just my views. I may be wrong.


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