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Re: The next step


>>>>> "Bhat" == Gurunandan R Bhat <grbhat@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Bhat> On Thu, 24 Aug 2000, Biju Chacko wrote:

    >> Raghavendra Bhat <ragu@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >> > What has IT.com to do anything about this discussion of >
    >> GNU/Linux in India ?
    >> You are right. IT.com is a Bangalore-specific issue.

    Bhat> I disagree. Let me tell you why. If I wasn't so
    Bhat> pine-challenged, I would have quoted Thaths' original
    Bhat> request too. The one that suggested that we discuss what LI
    Bhat> had done till date.

    Bhat> IT.com is a premier *national* IT event important for two
    Bhat> reasons:

	Yes, it is a national event.  But it is certainly advantageous
to the B'lore LUG.  I cannot afford to come to IT.com (you know how
Grad students are paid in India) and know a whole lot of people who
cannot make it.  So it is national event but it most certainly will be
a BLUG show.  Nothing wrong about that either.  

    Bhat> 1) It showcases the state of IT in the country and attracts
    Bhat> some of the top vendors in this sector, not just those that
    Bhat> operate from Bangalore. Equally, it brings together IT
    Bhat> workers from around the country, not just from
    Bhat> Bangalore. Anyone who attended last years event would have
    Bhat> no doubt about the scale and importance of this event.

	Please remember not every one is an IT worker. :)

    Bhat> 2) Second and more importantly, IT.com gives us an
    Bhat> opportunity to showcase Linux (or GNU/Linux) along with some
    Bhat> Demonstrations) throught the visiting hours explaining and
    Bhat> illustrating different facets of GNU/Linux

    Bhat> Now for the connection between IT.com and LI. Atul Chitnis
    Bhat> who coordinates PC Quest's Linux Initiative announced on the
    Bhat> LI mailing list and the LI web-site about the Linux
    Bhat> or hold that it has nothing to do with LI, or that IT.com is
    Bhat> not important for Linux in India?


	Almost all of these folks are IT workers or are rich enough to
afford it, right?  This is certainly not a complete representation of


    Bhat> Now about your earlier suggestion that we keep one eye on
    Bhat> Nov. 1 (the date on which IT.com begins), I agree. If we do
    Bhat> complete the registration formalities before this date,
    Bhat> IT.com would once again provide a platform for all GNU/Linux
    Bhat> enthusiasts to meet and exchange views. With the bonding
    Bhat> that personal meetings bring, we wont be a a mailing list or
    Bhat> a web-site anymore. We will have an ideal platform to forge
    Bhat> a community. Think about that.

	Only a few can actually meet and only a smaller number
actually work.  Neither are representative of everybody.  Take K. Arun
for instance.  Today, he would be completely unknow at LI (except for
the old timers).  People meet each other at IT.com too may not
remember him or me.  But he is well known as the one of the founders
of ILUGC in Chennai.  I hope you get my point.  IT.com doesnt bring
together people who are reresentative of the various LUG's.  People
who can come there meet.  That is all.  Bangalore is ILUGB area.
Period.  Chennai is ILUGC area. Period.  I digress, but the point is
really, IT.com doesnt _really_ matter to LI.  I dont think it makes
sense to hurry decisions for it.  OTOH deadlines are good.

    Bhat> Having said that, please note that I am not suggesting any
    Bhat> dilution in, or compromise with, the depth or completeness
    Bhat> of our debate merely to stick to this date. On the other
    Bhat> hand it would be unfair to deny the importance of events
    Bhat> like IT.com or bangl!nux to Linux in India

	Point taken.  They certainly are important to Linux in India.
ILUGB represents LI in Bangalore.  That is all.  LI has to accept

Actually, the crux of the whole formalisation deal is this:

Does ILUG{B,C,<your_lug_here>} represent LI?  Does LI think that LUGs
represnt it?   

	If they both _honestly_ answer in the affirmative.  Then we
are already a cohesive unit? :)