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Re: The next step


>>>>> "Gurunandan" == Gurunandan R Bhat <grbhat@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> Almost all of these folks are IT workers or are rich enough to
    >> afford it, right?  This is certainly not a complete
    >> representation of LI.

    Gurunandan> Agreed. Now imagine, LI as a national body with funds
    Gurunandan> at its disposal - raised from
    Gurunandan> sponsorships/donations/endorsements, or even from cash
    Gurunandan> rich local LUGS - whatever we agree on. We would then
    Gurunandan> be able to sponsor 2 or 3 guys from local LUGS to
    Gurunandan> attend such events. One more point in favour of
    Gurunandan> registration/formalisation, I think.

	Good point.  It is worthwhile doing but how hard is it to
actually do that?  How do we get funding?  These are all serious
issues and I dont know if we even want to generate revenue?  Does this
smack of too much formality?  We really need to think about these