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Re: [ News - Non Commercial ] Info Required

Raju Mathur rearranged electrons thusly:

> I'm OK with this as long as we don't become spam targets in the
> future.  I guess even if we do our intrepid Suresh Ramasubramanian
> will ensure the ``purity of the electron waves'' by going into BOFH
> mode instantly :)

You know, if someone gave their mail id to an org with a request to be added
to a maling list ('keep me updated on your k3wl products') then I wouldn't
call it spam.

On the other hand, I'd suggest using a "throwaway" mail id (set up a hotmail
id just for the purpose of giving anybody who _requires_ your mail id when
you download software / get some freebie etc).  Such an ID can be junked
without any hesitation, any time you want.

> BTW, is that the latest release of SuSE?
you know very well it's not - this is more like a "clearance sale" I think
(as new stocks of SuSE 7.1 have arrived, leaving these dudes with an
inventory of older SuSE stuff).  

They do have a good idea - but as Atul pointed out it'd be better if said CDs
were given to various .edus, NGOs etc who could do with cost effective
computing solutions [hell, sorry for sounding like a M$ marketroid ... had
this salesman bugging us for quite some time yesterday] :(


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