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Re: amavis installation

> I don;t think that the problem lied with the server config. After all
> it is just a fast and small script running at a max of 10 copies at a
> time.

Ahh but you forget first there is qmail-send, then qmail-queue (amavis)
then the decompressor or extractor code for your attachment, then your
antivirus engine, then the datafile then qmail-queue-real (the original
qmail-queue) The whole thing does go upto something like 5-6MB per
message maybe more if you have attachments and if you have like 10 email
flowing in at any given point of time then that makes a cool 60MB
dedicated for your mails. Ofcourse if you add in the bugs and issues in
perl 5.005 plus non existant modules which as it seems you have plugged
in as dummies it is quite possible your machine bombed bigtime.

I am not saying Amavis is perfect but I just wouldnt want you to scare
people away from Amavis just because your server went down.