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Re: amavis installation

You are using amavis perl. I tried using that. After installing all
the perl modules, as soon as I tried running it, it happily ate all
the memory of the computer and made the server crashing down! After
the second time and scores of angry glances from my colleagues, I
decided to stick to the older shell script version. 

If you have a standard linux distribution, don't worry about the
"deprecation" of the script. I am using it for scanning both incoming
and outgoing mails with sendmail, using McAfee uvscan and it has been
working like a charm. 

You don't need most the executables that the script asks fror -
zoo/moo whatever. Make empty executables to make the ./configure
script work. Then edit the scanmails script to remove the executable
paths to disable them...

- Sandip

Sandip Bhattacharya