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Re: amavis installation

Uhh Sandip this really isnt expected of you - in any case I am using a
P-III 800 with 256MB RAM which is also running a heavy webserver I do
occassionaly see the load shooting upto 3+ but on the whole it stays
below 0.5 I would also suggest that when something  bombs you should try
to find out why rather than trying to suggest to others that using the
current stable version is not needed. You do realize people come out
with new versions to fix something which was broken earlier or for
adding new features which most of the users have requested not just to
bloat the software.

As for the person who was facing problem with Amavis - if you cant find
some of the modules do let me know I will post all the links. Ofcourse
all I will do is visit http://search.cpan.org for the perl modules and
http://rpmfind.net for the rpms.


Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:
> You are using amavis perl. I tried using that. After installing all
> the perl modules, as soon as I tried running it, it happily ate all
> the memory of the computer and made the server crashing down! After
> the second time and scores of angry glances from my colleagues, I
> decided to stick to the older shell script version.
> If you have a standard linux distribution, don't worry about the
> "deprecation" of the script. I am using it for scanning both incoming
> and outgoing mails with sendmail, using McAfee uvscan and it has been
> working like a charm.
> You don't need most the executables that the script asks fror -
> zoo/moo whatever. Make empty executables to make the ./configure
> script work. Then edit the scanmails script to remove the executable
> paths to disable them...