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Re: Cant find Java

What you need is the Kaffe RPM which comes by default on RedHat. However I would
recommend that you use the Sun's JVM instead as Kaffe is not quite complete. Also
install the jikes package for superfast Java compilation during development.

- Sandip

On Mon, Jul 23, 2001 at 01:57:05AM +0530, Yash Dayal thus spake:
> Hi,
> Today i reformatted my hard drive and installed a very bare minimum install 
> of Redhat 7.1 oops PCQ7.1. 
> 	Now the problem that I am facing is that somehow Java Runtime Envirionment 
> and the Java Compiler are not installed. I tried finding Javac..but of no 
> avail. Can somebody please specify which RPM to install  for Java. It was 
> working in Redhat 7.0
> The following files are also not there...linuxconf, userconf. control-panel 
> also doesnt display the printer configuration tool