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Project Help


I have to make a project as a part of my collage 
semester subject.The project carries the waitage of 200 
( 2 subjects).
The project can be made in any language ( C++,VB,JAVA etc.)& can be of any topic.
The project can be made by a maximum of 3 students.

I need ur opinions on :

1:) A Good Project Idea.

2:) Can it be implemented in linux & using which tools.

I know Borland C,Turbo C++,VB,Little JAVA. I have made small progs of C & C++ in linux as well.
I am very much intrested in making a proj in linux because
a) i think it would be difficult & challenging
b) it would impress the teachers & class
c) it would make other students develop intrest in linux

As we have little time of about 3-4 months approx. i would like to ask opinion about which programming environment to use, i have heard about 
TCk,python,WxPython ,WxWindows & recently of Kylix thru this list.I collected some info on kylix & it seems a lot like VB & i think i can use it easily but couldn't find it for download. Has any of u used the above language & faced difficulty in making progs & is it possible to learn the languages quickly.If yes then please give me pointers on tutorials or e-books if u have.

Sorry for the detailed info asked by me but i have to tell my teacher about my group & topic of proj within a week or so & if u feel u could also mail me directly or through the list.

I am a member of lug for a long time & observe the topics carried out in the list & hope that i would get many mentor through it.



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