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Re: Project Help

Hi saket ,
  I wud like yo suggest you this idea.
  As you are well versed to MS systems you must be
surely knowing the technique to access the files on
the other computers over a LAN. 
  The technique of "\\computername" which pops up a
window showing you the folders shared by the other
I had noticed that linux never had any such easy
arrangement of accessing the files over a LAN ( at
least not as easy as it is on MS  ).

So you cud develop a server which listens for any of
the clients for a "file share requests" and pop it up
on a client window and letting the client access the
files as "they were on his system itself".

This way you could learn GUI programming as well as
network programming thru sockets too!

Wishing you best of luck for the project.

-- Harshal Vaidya

--- saket <saketd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi DLUG ,
> I have to make a project as a part of my collage 
> semester subject.The project carries the waitage of
> 200 
> ( 2 subjects).
> The project can be made in any language (
> C++,VB,JAVA etc.)& can be of any topic.
> The project can be made by a maximum of 3 students.
> I need ur opinions on :
> 1:) A Good Project Idea.
> 2:) Can it be implemented in linux & using which
> tools.
> I know Borland C,Turbo C++,VB,Little JAVA. I have
> made small progs of C & C++ in linux as well.
> I am very much intrested in making a proj in linux
> because
> a) i think it would be difficult & challenging
> b) it would impress the teachers & class
> c) it would make other students develop intrest in
> linux
> As we have little time of about 3-4 months approx. i
> would like to ask opinion about which programming
> environment to use, i have heard about 
> TCk,python,WxPython ,WxWindows & recently of Kylix
> thru this list.I collected some info on kylix & it
> seems a lot like VB & i think i can use it easily
> but couldn't find it for download. Has any of u used
> the above language & faced difficulty in making
> progs & is it possible to learn the languages
> quickly.If yes then please give me pointers on
> tutorials or e-books if u have.
> Sorry for the detailed info asked by me but i have
> to tell my teacher about my group & topic of proj
> within a week or so & if u feel u could also mail me
> directly or through the list.
> I am a member of lug for a long time & observe the
> topics carried out in the list & hope that i would
> get many mentor through it.
> Thanks
> Saket
> saketd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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