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Re: Re: Project Help

i know about k-maps as i too had studied them in 12th & i also know that conio.h is not available in linux.

Now i am in 3rd year collage ( Birla Institute of Technology )& this project will be of 200 Marks( it will be evaluated as 2 subjects) so i want a big project for my semester subject ( 506 Project-I) that should be of about 3-4 months long.
I have little experience in C ,C++ in linux bec i was exposed to MS only & now i have shifted to RH 7.0 but still haven't done any major progs developmentsin linux.

Tell me more about making front ends as most of the folks in my collage rather get attracted to Gnome rather than the console ( so i could maybe make an common integrated front end to many of the concole based apps), also tell me more about methods to develop progs in linux. I could contact u off the list if u wish.


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Saurabh Nanda <sau_nanda@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
From:Saurabh Nanda <sau_nanda@xxxxxxxxx>
Date:Sat, 21 Jul 2001 09:31:54 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Project Help

hi saket,
i like it - making school projects.
first of all what do you wanna make - front ends to
something - well that's a no brainer. seriously!!
have u heard of k-maps, and minimizing boolean
expressions using them.
i made that for my 12th class project. it took an
algebraic expression of 1 - 4 variables - then had the
options of - 
a) showing the expression in canonnical forms -
maxterm or minterm
b) truth tables
c) k - map
d) and finally the minimized expression(i used the
k-map funda to minimize)
u cud make something like that.
remember in linux - there is nothing known as conio.h
its curses.h or ncurses.h
its much more powerful than conio but it is a trifle
more difficult to use.
saurabh nanda

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