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Re: Project Help

hi saket,
i like it - making school projects.
first of all what do you wanna make - front ends to
something - well that's a no brainer. seriously!!
have u heard of k-maps, and minimizing boolean
expressions using them.
i made that for my 12th class project. it took an
algebraic expression of 1 - 4 variables - then had the
options of - 
a) showing the expression in canonnical forms -
maxterm or minterm
b) truth tables
c) k - map
d) and finally the minimized expression(i used the
k-map funda to minimize)
u cud make something like that.
remember in linux - there is nothing known as conio.h
its curses.h or ncurses.h
its much more powerful than conio but it is a trifle
more difficult to use.
saurabh nanda

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