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Re: vcd's

>>>>> "Sandip" == Sandip Bhattacharya <sandipb@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> To test this fact, you don't need to even try to copy, just try
    >> playing the file /mnt/cdrom/mpegav/avseq01.dat in any linux
    >> software and see.

    Sandip> Just a query. Does a windoze system handle this
    Sandip> technicalities, coz I generally play VCDs using Windoze
    Sandip> mplayer and ask it to run X:\mpegav\avseq01.dat just as
    Sandip> any other mpg file ... I have even copied these files (in
    Sandip> win9x) to hard disks and played from there.

Yes, This process is transparent in Windows (but only for non-super
VCDs).  For super VCDs you need something like Xing Player.

    Sandip> If what you say is correct, mplayer (or the windows
    Sandip> internal CDROM drivers) can distinguish between an ISO9660
    Sandip> filesystem and a VCD while Linux can't ...

In effect yes.  But is not that complicated, just an extra ioctl to
read the raw sectors from the CDROM.